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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

It’s almost here! It’s almost here! It’s almost here!

As the 1st BORDER SOCIAL FORUM (BSF) nears the dates of October 13-15, 2006 dates in CD Juárez, Chihuahua México (across from El Paso, Texas) it looks really great. This Border Social Forum is part of the process leading towards the US Social Forum in Atlanta, Georgia on June 27-July 1, 2007 and the World Social Forum happening in January 20-25, 2007 in Nairobi, Kenya Africa.

On October 12th some pre-social forum activities include a March against NAFTA and a border reality tour both in CD Juarez.

The BSF will take place at the campus of the Autonomous University of CD Juarez (UACJ) at the University Cultural Center (Centro Cultural Universitario) and at the Biomedical Science Institute (Instituto de Ciencias Biomédicas).

The BSF will open at 11 AM on Friday the 13th of October, 2006 at the University Cultural Center (Centro Cultural Universitario). The registration table will open by 9 AM at the same site. On Saturday October 14th, a March will take place to bring down the Wall of Death. The BSF program will open and close with a plenary session of all the delegates. The BSF program is organized by 14 thematic areas where workshops and panels will be offered. The end of the BSF program is to come out with solutions and alternatives to the existing system.

The BSF expects about 300-500 delegates coming from all of the US-Mexico Border States. A delegation will be coming from Canada on the northern border. Delegations are expected from México DF and Washington DC. Distinguished delegates will be coming from the hemispheric council of the Social Forum and the Secretariat (Brasil) of the World social Forum. The organizing and National Planning Committee of the US Social Forum will be attending the BSF and staying over two days for a planning meeting for the US Social forum. Important delegations are expected from African Americans affected by Hurricane Katrina and from the US South and migrants that mobilized in the millions this spring. Indigenous Peoples delegations will also be present including representatives from the 7 Indigenous People divided by the US-Mexico border. The BSF will highlight Women and the border. Important delegation of Mexico and US women will be present. Youth will participate in numbers holding a youth forum within the social forum. The program will weave art & culture throughout the various events of the BSF.

The time to register for the Border Social Forum is now. Please fill in the form and return it to me at The registration fee is a sliding scale ranging from $10 to $100 dollars. We are using the honor system where you pay according to your financial capacity. You can mail in your registration fee to Centro por La Justicia/Border Social Forum or pay there at the registration table.

WE URGE ORGANIZATIONS to register a workshop (s) or panel (s) to get them into the BSF program. The registration for workshops or panels is Sept. 17, 2006. SEND YOUR PROPOSAL NOW!!!

Numerous hotels are located in the vicinity of the BSF at UACJ. You need to make your own arrangements. You can also register for solidarity housing for those groups that have no resources or place to stay. The BSF will provide a free lunch every day of the forum. Popular economic kitchens will sell food sponsored by organizations participating in the BSF. The Border Social Forum will have some transportation buses and vans shuttling people arriving at the El Paso or CD Juarez airports. Also people will be picked up at the bus stations on either city. Please notify us.

The BSF will have translation services available (English & Spanish). WE MAKE AN URGENT PLEA FOR TRANSLATORS VOLUNTEERS. PLEASE GIVE SOME HOURS OF YOUR TIME.

Day care for children will be available. Please register your children for the child care. An emergency medical care center will be established. A communications center will also be made available.


Ruben Solis, Facilitador
Centro por La Justicia

PO Box 830706 San Antonio, TX 78283
210 222 1704 of. 210 299 4009 fax
210 378 5699 cel


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